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    by David Gate

    When placing leader text in Inventor drawings they will default to the style and standards you have set.

    In my example I have inputted the text in the dialog and also set it to centre and middle justification.

    I’m guessing most readers of this blog will be either using ANSI or ISO standards for their drawings and therefore the leader text will look like the below examples. I know that if you are using the GOST “ESKD Support” add-in then this will prevent the following solution from working as your leader texts are formed differently. But everyone else read on.

    As you can see in both examples the text is justified to the arrow not how I set it in the dialog. This is due to the main style default overriding my selections in the format leader text dialog.

    To unlock this there is a little tick box in the styles manager. Under each specific dimension style on the notes and leaders tab you will see a section called General Settings. This allows you to tweak how leader text appears with 3 options.

    I would recommend creating a new dimension style instead of changing the default so this way you can always revert back to the original if you want it. A quick and easy way to do this is to right click on your leader text and pick “New Dimension Style” this will create a copy of the current style in use.

    After unticking the justify to leader option, you can see the resulting leader text examples I made previously change to justify correctly as selected in the original dialog.