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    by David Gate

    Having problems with Inventor or your PC becoming slow when you attempt complex tasks or have lots of programs running? Even if you think you have a lot of RAM installed both your physical and virtual pagefile RAM can easily get overloaded if you have too many programs running or have RAM hungry programs.

    One solution is to buy more RAM, they always say you can never have too much RAM, but before you go and spend money you should first run Inventors useful tool to analyse your PC’s RAM performance.

    Go to your Inventor install location most likely C:\programs files\Autodesk\Inventor 201X

    In this folder you will find another folder ‘bin’ and within this an exe called MemProbe. Create a shortcut on your desktop or just open the program.

    With MemProbe you can easily see how much RAM you have, both physically and virtually, how much is in use by your OS, Inventor and other programs. To check out which processes/programs are RAM hungry you need to use the filtering tool within the ‘Process’ menu.  The below screenshot shows MemProbe running with the ‘Inventor’ process filtered out. 

    As you can see in the screenshot there is plenty of RAM available to use. If this is not the case and your available RAM is low then freeing some up could improve the performance of Inventor and your PC in general. 

    Closing applications down and streamlining your OS by turning off unnecessary features will save valuable RAM. You can also increase the size and/or location of your virtual RAM to help improve performance.  With MemProbe open you can see the difference in real time. If you are unsure what programs, OS processes etc you should change/close get your IT guru to help you.

    One useful feature is the Alarm function, if you keep MemProbe running while you work you can set alarms to go off when your available RAM drops below a certain percentage. The alarm settings can be found in the ‘Options’ menu, giving you some pre-warning to potential problems and indicating when you’re doing too many things at once.