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    by Clint Brown

    Inventor 2015 now has some fantastic new modelling features built right into the modelling environment.

    There are 2 BIG changes this year to the modelling experience, the first one, which I focus on in this blog post is the introduction of true Direct Modelling (Fusion Technology) and the second is the implementation of T-Splines within Inventor. I will be posting videos on the T-Splines integration in the coming weeks.

    In previous releases, we had a modelling workflow with Inventor Fusion, which allowed us to send files between Inventor and Fusion to create direct geometry edits. This workflow has now been greatly simplified and is all included within the Inventor modelling interface. What’s more, is that the direct edits are linked to parameters, meaning that you can control a direct edit with a parameter change (think iLogic). All direct edits are saved in the feature browser and are treated like normal features.

    Thinking about true collaboration in engineering, you could open up a SolidWorks file, and directly edit it in Inventor in an intelligent manner, you could even easily migrate from another CAD package like Catia for instance and have full control over model geometry.

    The video below shows how this works in practice, enjoy!


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