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    by Clint Brown

    In this Inventor Quick Tip, I show 2 very fast ways of analysing your Assembly Constraints.

    The First tool we have is the “Show” tool on the Relationships Panel of the Assemble Tab. If you click “Show” and then select a part, all of the constraints on the part will be shown on the part, in the area of the Constraint, and the constrained geometry will be highlighted with a Constraint Glyph. Note that the “Show Relationships” is available from the right click menu.

    The Second tool is the ”Degree of Freedom Analysis” tool. This tool is located under the Productivity Panel of the Assemble Tab. When you click on ”Degree of Freedom Analysis” a table will appear, showing all of the parts in the assembly. If you tick the Animate Freedom box, animations of the available movement of the part will be shown on screen

    The image above shows the location of the tools mentioned in this blog post. The .GIF animation below, shows the tools in action.