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    by Clint Brown

    Have you ever wanted to show Mitre information from your Frame Generator Assemblies on your Bill of Materials?

    The video below will show you how.

    This blog post is interesting in that I am bringing 3 elements together,  the content is not really mine, it is an amalgamation of  ideas, the first being the Being Inventive Blog post on Creating custom iProperties to reference the “Cut Details” (Shown in the video). The second idea was to create these iProperties Automatically using iLogic, I adapted some code originally posted by Curtis Waguespack to do this.

    The last bit, is that I have used Autodesk Project Chronicle to record my video, Chronicle now supports Autodesk Inventor, see my Tweet about this here:

    @ClintCadline Good News for Inventor users: Inventor Support added to Project Chronicle http://ow.ly/oxFCg


    UPDATE: Here is the iLogic Code

    'Check for custom iprops and add them if not found
    'Code adapted from http://inventortrenches.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/use-ilogic-to-add-and-use-custom.html
    Dim propertyName1 As String = "CUTDETAIL1"
    Dim propertyName2 As String = "CUTDETAIL2"
    Dim propertyName3 As String = "CUTDETAIL3"

    customPropertySet = ThisDoc.Document.PropertySets.Item _
    ("Inventor User Defined Properties")
    prop = customPropertySet.Item(propertyName1)
    prop = customPropertySet.Item(propertyName2)
    prop = customPropertySet.Item(propertyName3)
    Catch ' Assume error means not found
    customPropertySet.Add("", propertyName1)
    customPropertySet.Add("", propertyName2)
    customPropertySet.Add("", propertyName3)
    End Try
    'update file
    iLogicVb.UpdateWhenDone = True