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    by Clint Brown

    One of the new features in Autodesk Inventor 2014, is that we can now not only create parametric Revit families, but we can now also open Native Revit Project files.

    The files are converted into .IPT files, and we have 2 options, either composites (Surfaces) or Multi-body parts, these are bought in via a SAT translation. There are a few pros and cons, essentially a component/equipment manufacturer can open up an Architect or Structural engineers model, and they can then use it to reference geometry to build their component/equipment. Once they have built this model, they can then export out a parametric (or non-parametric if they so choose) Revit Family file, which the Architect or Structural engineer can then reference in their model.

    The cons, are that the file is converted into Inventor format, breaking the link to the original and that all of the colours and textures are lost, but it is a huge leap forward and it makes BIM For Manufacturing a lot easier.

    Here’s the workflow for getting a Revit model into Inventor

    Choose .RVT files from your “Open” Dialogue

    Wait a few seconds, and the insert view will pop up. Choose the View you wish to bring in. For Inventor Users, Views are sort of a cross between view representations and level of detail


    Select Either Single Composite Feature, or Multi-body Part. Note that the Composite feature will open quicker than the Multi-body solid. In the example below, I have chosen 2 different views on import, which is why the surface model has a roof, and the Solid model has not.





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