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    by Clint Brown

    Thanks to everyone who attended my webinar yesterday, the handout is available to download by clicking on the image below.

    For those that did not attend it, have a look at the PDF, basically I have outlined a few things that you can try on your CAD workstation to make it run a bit faster, not everything in there will work for everyone, but if you try a couple of things, I'm sure you will see some sort of improvement. This is mostly biased towards Inventor, but most of the advice is pretty generic.

    The main message was that a basic looking Operating system, with no fancy widgets and colour schemes will run faster that one that runs all of those things, and that correct set-up of your graphics will help improve your CAD experience.

    The handout doesn't convey everything covered, but if you have questions or comments, post them on the MFG forum.