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    by Clint Brown


    Sketchbook to Inventor to Fusion to Inventor to Showcase or Max...

    Sounds complicated, it really is not. With the new design suites that most of our existing customers are going to be getting as part of your subscription upgrades, you will notice that in the new design suites you can now do far more than before, using tools like SketchBook Designer, you can do great concept sketches, which can be easily imported into Inventor, then modelled from, the Inventor model can be pushed out to Inventor Fusion, where really powerful freeform surface modelling can be done using the Alias Design for Inventor Fusion tools, this can then be pushed back to Inventor, where it could be optimised for plastic design or even FEA, and then visualised in Showcase or 3DS Max.

    This afternoon I had my first proper run through the design suite, I have put some screen shots of the process down below, This entire design took only 20 minutes, the things to note are that I have literally had 10 minutes of hands on time with SketchBook and about 25 minutes on Fusion and I think I have done a pretty good job, these tools are just so easy to learn and use!

    I have a 7 minute video of the process online... for a change, I have not put in a voiceover, this video's sound track features a cover by my little brother's Band Circadian, check out the guitar solo! video can be watched here

    Quick concept sketching in SketchBook Designer

    Shaded sketch in SketchBook Designer

    SketchBook Designer vectors brought into Autodesk Inventor

    Freeform surface modelling in Autodesk Inventor Fusion

    Plastic design optimisation in Inventor Pro

    Final visualisation in Inventor, looks amazing, imagine how good it would be in Showcase or Max!






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