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    by Clint Brown

    I have been having another look at Large assembly management and levels of Detail in Inventor Assemblies lately, and I have to say that there are some fantastic tools for managing your large assemblies in Inventor.

    The first tool in the arsenal is the Shrinkwrap tool, and the ability to add Shrinkwrap substitute levels of detail to your assemblies, basically this functionality allows you to create a single part from your entire assembly, essentially you can reduce a 100 part assembly down to a representational part that looks identical to the full assembly, you can even remove smaller components and patch holes in the part. With the assembly Shrinkwrap substitute in place, you can even do drawings of it, and get full bills of materials from the substitute state.

    The idea being that you can create Shrinkwraps of each sub assembly, meaning that when you open a top level assembly, you are dealing with much less information, but have the ability to switch to the full model in a few quick mouse clicks.

    For a video on how this is achieved, please see

    The second option is for simplifying the top level assembly once the design is already completed, and this is the Create Substitutes command. This command will run through each of the sub-assemblies in the top level assembly and create substitutes of each sub assembly, I have put a quick video together on this, which can be viewed here;




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