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by Chris Turner

There is a really simple and effective command in Vault (even the Vault Basic) called EXPORT. I’m not sure many people use it and realise how easy it is to get information directly out of Vault into an Excel Spreadsheet quickly.

You can find the command directly under the FILE dropdown EXPORT

Depending on what you have selected in the Main Panel of the User Interface, will depend on the results of your export. You can organise your columns to include any Property Columns you wish.

Here are a few examples:-

Any File selected in the MAIN PANEL as below

EXPORT Excel results in a full listing

A selection of an row in the Vault HISTORY TAB

EXPORT Excel result of all the Versions, Comments etc

A Selection of an Assembly file in the Vault USES TAB

EXPORT Excel result is the full file list associated with that Assembly

Why not also consider adding the resultant Excel file to the Vault directly from Excel and attach it to other files as needed :)

Simple and easy but very useful.

Even better still, you could actually use the Excel file to add more Property Information with DATALOADER!

Dataloader is available for Vault Workgroup and Professional. Speak to your Cadline account manager or drop me an email if you want to know more about it.