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    by Chris Turner

    As soon as I had my Inventor and Vault Professional 2015 installed, one of the first things I thought I would try is the new Inventor ‘Fast Open’. Great news is that its supported even when using the Inventor Vault Add-in  integration ‘Open From vault’ :)

    I opened a fairly medium sized assembly just to try it out which traditionally took 20 seconds to open. With the new ‘Fast Open’ it opened in less than 5 seconds! :) :) :)

    Keep in mind that when using the ‘Fast Open’ (Skip All), this opens the drawing without finding or resolving any of the referenced files. You will get this warning message to make you aware.

    Note: If using ‘Fast Open’ (Skip All) , the drawing behaves as though it has been opened without any file references. Although Edits can be made, annotations added in this state will be fixed the next time the drawing is opened with references available.


    All good!




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