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    by Chris Turner

    I get a lot of people asking me about opening files directly from the Vault Client and they sometimes don’t get what they expect when a file is in fact opened. This is because pre-2014 versions of Vault, handled opening files from the Vault Client differently to using the ‘Open from Vault’ inside the CAD application.

    Good News is that in Vault 2014 these two ways of opening files in the Vault now work the same.

    But if you have Vault 2013 or earlier, read on!


    Okay, so what is happening?


    'Open’ using the Vault Client

    In the case of using Autodesk Inventor, if you use the Vault Client to ‘Open’ an IAM, by default the Vault will download and open the latest version of that assembly (released or not) with all the last ‘Released’ dependants. Even if there are newer Versions of the children!

    ‘Open from Vault’ inside the CAD application

    If you had to ‘Open’ the IAM from within the CAD application using ‘Open From Vault’ the default will be to download and open the latest version of that assembly (released or not) with the latest versions (released or not) of the dependants. Therefore doing it this way is good practice and you will always get the latest of all files.

    There are other ways to get different results using the Vault ‘Release Bias’ options, but the above is the defaults when using Vault 2013 or earlier.


    I will blog more on some other newer workflows and options in the Autodesk Vault 2014 Subscription Pack.


    Happy Vaulting