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    How can I limit the network license borrowing period?


    You can specify the maximum duration of time that a specific license can be borrowed for in hours. This value cannot be above the maximum borrow period specified by Autodesk in the product license file. Note! Licenses are borrowed in increments of 24 hours only. Any number that is more than a 24-hour increment is not used. For example, the number 365 would be rounded down to 360 hours, or 15 days.

    - To create an options file, open a plain text editor like notepad and enter the example below. The following limits license borrowing to three days:


    - Make sure you then save the file as adskflex.opt in the same location as your Autodesk license file. Make sure file extensions are enabled to determine if a .txt has been appended. If so, simply rename the file so that it has a .opt extension

    - Open LMTOOLS and go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and choose ReRead License File. This will enable the options file that you just saved



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