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    How can I block access for users, groups of users or computers to network licenses?


    - To create an options file, open a plain text editor like notepad and type the options that you wish to implement as below:


    # by default, computer names and user names are case sensitive unless this statement is on



    # the following will create a group for two users

    GROUP EngineeringGroup user1 user2


    # the following will create a group for two computers

    HOST_GROUP EengineeringDept computer1 computer2


    # the following will block access to licenses for a variety of types:

    EXCLUDE 85660PDSPRM_F GROUP EngineeringGroup

    EXCLUDE 85660PDSPRM_F HOST_GROUP EngineeringDept

    EXCLUDE 85660PDSPRM_F USER user1

    EXCLUDE 85660PDSPRM_F HOST computer1


    - An example options file for blocking access for a group would be:


    GROUP EngineeringGroup user1 user2

    EXCLUDE 85660PDSPRM_F GROUP EngineeringGroup


    - Make sure you then save the file as adskflex.opt in the same location as your Autodesk license file. Make sure file extensions are enabled to determine if a .txt has been appended. If so, simply rename the file so that it has a .opt extension

    - Open LMTOOLS and go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and choose ReRead License File. This will enable the options file that you just saved



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