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How do I place a door in a curtain wall?


Curtain walls do not behave the same as normal walls and doors are not placed in the same manner. There are two options for placing a door in curtain wall.

In your modelling tab, place curtain grids to break up the panel to the size you’d like to make your door. Switch to a 3D view, hover over the edge of your curtain wall panel where you’d like to place the door. Now use the key to cycle through the various options to select the panel you’d like to change to a door. Now in the element drop down menu where it says System Panel: Glazed, change the panel to the appropriate loaded curtain wall door family. That’s it, now just adjust your grids appropriately to get to the correct size and apply mullions as appropriate.

The other option is to change the panel to a wall type. You may have noticed in the previous method you could pick from available wall types. If you change the panel to a wall you are then able to place doors as you would a normal wall. You could even make the door take up the full extents of the wall so it wouldn’t matter what wall type you actually used. There are issues currently with this method and schedule to and from room information of doors placed this way."

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