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    by John Flanagan



    In Place Families are created in the project and are dependent on the model geometry (e.g., custom gutters, special trim, or built-in furniture). They are only available in the project in which you create them.


    • If the element is a host element, such as a wall, you can add elements to it, such as doors or windows.


    • Elements, such as in-place windows and doors, can be copied and moved within their host.


    • In-place family elements can be aligned and locked to project elements, and move with them.


    Creating an In-Place Family:

    There will be times where you need a custom family, but can’t really build it without the adjacent geometry. This is where an in-place family comes in handy. In the example below an in-place family has been created to define the arch opening using a swept extrusion.

    For More information, please see the attached whitepaper



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