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    I can’t see some of my levels in one of my elevations/sections?



    All levels/grids/sections (referred to as datums) have 3D and 2D extents. If the 3D extents of that level don’t cross the 3D extents of the section or the elevation they will not show. Therefore, to make them show you need to adjust them in an elevation/section so they do intersect. When you select a datum an indicator displays showing whether the datum is currently set to 3D or 2D extents. This is a toggle, click on it to toggle its value. If you right click on the datum in a view it does display in and select maximise 3D extents it will expand the extents to the full boundaries of your model, which should hopefully make it show up in your appropriate view.

    If they don’t show in any views, you’ll need to create a scope box. Under your drafting tab is a tool called scope box, use it to draw a 3D box completely around the extents of your model. Now in elevation add another level (this will be temporary), right click and choose “select all instances” go to the properties and there is a category called extents. Where it says none, click and choose your scope box for the drop down menu. Then click okay and your levels should now appear as there extents have been adjusted to that of the scope box. You may delete the scope box now if you have no further need for it.



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