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    How to configure the 3D viewcube to only be visible in 3D?



    The reasonably new viewcube that appears in the top right of the screen in model space is great for adjusting your viewpoint in 3d but has limited use in 2D. It also takes up a fair amount of screen space, which of course adds further to zooming and panning whilst drawing.

    However, if you go into OPTIONS > 3D MODELLING in the bottom left there is a setting to turn off the viewcube in a 2D wireframe visual style. Now you will see the viewcube doesn’t display until you goto the ribbons VIEW > VISUAL STYLES and set any other style other than 2D.

    Don’t forget you can also right-click on the viewcube with your mouse to get to it’s settings (Viewcube settings…) and here you can resize it with the slider bat so it’s smaller and takes up less screen space.



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