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    by Chris Turner

    Depending on your Vault Structure, sometimes the amount of data that one has in your Vault Folders can be rather lengthy and time consuming to update/scroll through. Here is a couple of things which may help and speed up performance for you.

    The ‘Default View’ setting in the Vault Client will list ALL files in the Vault Main window.

    The ‘Paged View’ lists the contents of the folder, showing 100 files at a time.

    Using ‘Paged View’ sure can help things, but a very nice way to display the files that you typically always want to see is to define a‘Custom View’. This gives you the ability to tweak your file list even further!

    So, for a simple example, let’s say that I am only interested in my Inventor assembly files that are in the ‘For Review’ state.

    Define a ‘Custom View’ as follows: 

    ‘Copy’ an existing View or Create a ‘New’ one. I’ve called mine ‘Designs Under Review’.

    ‘Modify’ this View to Display the criteria you need.

    Select ‘Custom Filters’

    Specify your typical criteria that you need from any of the Properties.

    Click OK and then Close the dialog boxes.

    And there you have it!

    I can now very quickly display only the files that I am interested in.

    As I always recommend, it’s well worth spending just a few minutes customising your Vault Client interface. This is almost always guaranteed to increase your productivity!

    Happy Vaulting! :)





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