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    by Chris Turner


    I’ve often had the case (and have been asked) where I can find out which files I have ‘checked out’ of the Vault. This is common practice, especially if you want to check daily or weekly which files are checked out and which ones need to be checked back in or to use ‘Undo Check Out’ etc.

    With Vault you have some very powerful tools for searching the database. This is of course one of the biggest benefits to using Vault, even if you are just using Vault Basic. Simply do an Advanced Search for ‘Checked Out By’ your ‘Username’. It’s really that quick and simple to find this out.

    A great TIP is to make sure you SEARCH from the top folder! In my case above, I searched the entire Vault from $.

    Also note how I saved this search and I can then use it anytime to find out which files I have ‘Checked Out’. The Saved Searches are ‘LIVE’ so you will always get the latest information.

    Using this method is great, but what about if I want to search for ALL files ‘Checked Out’ of the Vault by ALL users?

    You can use the FIND Tool at the top of the Vault toolbar and setup a Vault Advanced Search! Just set the criteria to FIND files whose Property ‘Checked Out By’ condition is set to ‘is not empty’.

    Again, save the Search and then you can use it any time.

    Sometimes spending a few minutes just setting up your display, saving a few searches etc. can save you a HUGE amount of time. These settings are relative to the Client only, so everyone can setup up their own Vault layout as they choose.






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