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    As a Customer Success Manager, I am responsible for helping develop relationships that provide a positive experience and outcome for our customers, working closely to ensure they are satisfied with the services they receive.

    I am a qualified electrical and electronics engineer who has designed for a multitude of industries from lathes to nuclear power plants. I have worked in the CAE/CAD industry for over twenty years specialising in electrical CAD with a variety of electrical CAE systems.

    Having worked on AutoCAD since R9 but also on earlier versions dating to R2.6, I have decades of experience in understanding what issues customers face and most importantly, how to solve them.

    I am experienced in multidisciplinary environments with a solid understanding of the design and manufacturing problems customers face and the standards that must be adhered to.

    Working as a Customer Success Manager provides me with the perfect opportunity to help customers develop their skills, overcome their challenges, and improve their outcomes.



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