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    Hello my name is Miles Nicholson and I am an Industry Manager at Cadline for electrical applications. I am involved in training, customer pre & post sales support, consultancy and product demonstrations.

    I am a qualified electrical and electronics engineer who has designed for a multitude of industries from lathes to nuclear power plants. Having worked on AutoCAD since R9 but also on earlier versions dating to R2.6 it has given me many years of customers issues and of course solutions.

    I have worked in the CAE/CAD industry for over twelve years specialising in electrical CAD with a variety of electrical CAE systems.

    Through my experiences in designing in multidisciplinary environments it has given me a great understanding of the design and manufacturing problems that you face and the standards we have to adhere to; working with a variety of electrical CAE systems has put me in a better position to understand on how to help you solve your issue.