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    by Chris Turner

    I have been working with importing a large amount of Inventor data into a Vault recently and I thought I would share this tip with you that I found very useful. Simple but saved me a lot of time!

    Obviously when migrating files into the Vault, one typically defines an Inventor project file and Workspace which gets mapped to the Vault. The problem is, if you have a LARGE amount of data, and you only want a small section to be resolved and loaded at a time, this can be tricky. Especially if you want to avoid file duplicates and maintain a constant mapping throughout the Vault with one project file.

    Here’s the tip…

    In Autoloader, when you have selected the top level folder of your data, in order to minimise the amount that you upload at one time, you can right-click on some folders and just select ‘EXCLUDE FROM UPLOAD’.

    By doing this, you can use Autoloader again later and select a different set of folders to upload. This really helps breaking it down into smaller chunks and makes this whole process a lot more manageable. If other folders cross reference the same files, they will automatically be excluded when you do your upload as they will already be in your Vault. No duplicates will be added.

    ‘EXCLUDE FROM UPLOAD’ can definitely be your best friend when migrating existing data into the Vault!



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