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    Hi, my name is Justin Doughty, I am a Product Support Engineer at Cadline. My day to day role is customer technical support.

    I had my first introduction to CAD at college, Using AutoCAD Release 14. From that experience, I could see the future potential of the software and I knew this was the area I wanted to pursue.

    From there, I entered the construction industry as a trainee AutoCAD technician for a mechanical and electrical contractor. Here I gained over 13 years in the construction industry, moving through the releases of AutoCAD, working on a variety of mechanical and electrical projects. As my industry experience and knowledge of CAD packages increased, I moved into the coordination of M&E services, working on several large sites as part of a team. This allowed me to gain experience in the Architectural and Structural side of the industry, liaising with other teams on the projects.

    As time and the industry progressed, I was exposed to the MEP side of AutoCAD which naturally lead through to the learning of Revit. I found increasing amounts of my time being directed to the support and training of Autodesk products, where I enjoyed the variety of the challenges met.

    Joining Cadline has given me the opportunity to increase this enjoyment, and I look forward to the evolution of CAD and the future of Autodesk Software.