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    By Chris Turner

    Vault 2013 Upgrade Error: 29001 and SQL/IIS Requirements

    I have recently upgraded my Vault from 2012 and just thought I would highlight that before you run the installation of Vault 2013 Server, make sure you have the correct version of SQL and IIS setup correctly! If you don’t you will get a “Error 29001: Vault management error: Could not load file or assembly ‘Connectivity.Content‘…”

    I was running SQL 2008 Express SP2 with 2012 and I assumed by running the install and upgrading my Vault, all would fall into place. Please note the installation readme…

    Once you have upgraded to SQL 2008 SP3 you just have one other thing to do, and that is to configure your IIS Connections and set the DefaultAppPool to use .NET Framework V4.


    I then did an IISRESET after that and my install worked like a charm :)

    Oh! And don’t just enjoy how your Vault 2012 Client applications still work and are compatible with Vault 2013 Server! Very cool!

    Happy Vaulting!




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