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    by Chris Turner

    Sometimes when working on an assembly in Inventor, it’s handy to be able to rename the parts or assemblies etc in the Browser. This makes it easier to come back to over a period of time. However, if you need to put them back to the defaults, or want them to be as per the Filename or Part number, this can be tricky and very time consuming.

    Great news is the Inventor 2012 provides a great tool to do this quickly. RENAME BROWSER NODES.

    This command provides the means to identify ALL component nodes (no Browser selection is required) within an assembly using one of three naming schemes:

    • Filename - Resets any component browser node that was renamed manually to display using the file name of the component.
    • Part Number - Replaces the default or file name with the part number defined in the component iProperties.
    • Default - Returns the component browser node name and occurrence identification to the default file name.