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    by Chris Turner

    Although the topic of Inventor’s ‘adaptivity’ is a fairly long one, I just thought I would share with you a common query when working with adaptive parts.

    You find that when you are working in an assembly, you may want to turn on a parts adaptivity but you find that the option is greyed out in the context menu.

    The most likely reason for this is that the part is being used and is already adaptive in another assembly. An inventor part cannot be ‘adaptive’ in two different assemblies. Which makes sense when you think about it. If you really need to change this, then you will need to turn off the adaptivity of the part in the other assembly before you can turn it on in the current assembly. 

    If the part is used in many locations, it may not be easy to know where it is adaptive? Well I guess that’s another good reason to work with Autodesk Vault which has ‘Where Used’ functionality. 



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