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    By Andy Davis

    Anyone who has struggled with the configuration of Isometrics in AutoCAD Plant 3D will, I’m sure, be delighted to learn that Autodesk recently published a White Paper on their Autodesk Plant Exchange website that is snappily entitled “De-mystifying AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometrics” (see attached below)


    De-mystifying AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometrics is actually a reference document that describes, with examples, how to create and configure your own Isometric styles.

    It describes how to create new styles through the Project Setup user interface, how to insert your own title block into the drawing template and how to add attributes to that title block.

    Schemes are explained and listings of all default Symbol Keys and Types are provided from IsoSkeyAcadBlockMap.xml together with the default symbol blocks that are used to represent them from IsoSymbolStyles.dwg and a detailed explanation of how to add your own.

    Finally, the features of IsoConfig.xml itself are described and customisation examples are provided to show you how to edit this file manually, to achieve what is not possible through the Project Setup window.



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