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    By Andy Davis

    Did you know that you can create multiline annotations in AutoCAD P&ID?

    Standard annotations are all single line text. However, if you need to break text to create a multiline annotation, you can do so quite easily. In the annotation block, if you select the attribute definition for the text field that you need to modify, and set its Multiline Style property to Yes it will display multiline text.

    You now have two options for how you wish the text to split onto mltiple lines. If you set the Bounday Width property to 0.0 the attribute will behave as single line text until you force a new line with the \P string within the text. If you set the Bounday Width property to 1.0, the text will automatically split onto a new line when the length of the text exceeds the width of the original attribute definition as defined within the annotation block.



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