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    By Andy Davis

    Navisworks performance in Walk mode

    If you are having problems trying to walk around a Navisworks model, there are several settings that you could check to help identify the problem.

    If speed is generally too slow or too fast, check the Linear Speed on the Navigate panel of the Viewpoint ribbon or in the Motion panel of the Edit Viewpoint window; a value of around 2 m/sec is reasonable.

    If the scene is not fully redrawn or is jerky, then check the Frame Rate on the Speed tab of the File Options window, the default is 6 frames/sec, and also the settings in the Detail panel of the Global Options window under Interface > Display.  If Guarantee Frame Rate is set, Navisworks will update at the current Frame Rate regardless of whether the scene can be redrawn fully, possibly causing detail to repeatedly appear and disappear again; when Fill in Detail is checked, any missing detail is filled in when navigation stops.  If Guarantee Frame Rate is clear, Navisworks will redraw the scene fully before moving on to the next frame, possibly causing a jerky display.

    Finally, if enabling collision causes navigation to stall or become erratic then check the settings in the Viewer panel of the Collision window, Edit Current Viewpoint > Settings...; for a human, values of 0.3m Radius, 1.8m Height and 0.15m Eye Offset are typical values.