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    By Miles Nicholson

    I wrote in my blog about this particular technology preview back in May but didn’t mention any real details as to what the functionality provides. I thought it wise to revisit the subject but add further detail.


    AutoCAD Electrical currently has a labs project looking at Item Resequencing. The labs version uses a different methodology than the released functionality to assign item numbers and is super quick!


    The labs version does the following:


    • Always processes the entire project

    • Does not activate each drawing to process it, providing a performance improvement

    • Sorts catalogue information based on Manufacturer and Catalogue across the project, not on a per drawing basis

    • Assigns item numbers to schematic and panel devices

    • Ignores the project setting to reset for each drawing. Item numbers are accumulated project-wide


    The labs version can be installed on AutoCAD Electrical 2014 and AutoCAD Electrical 2015. The Downloads link on the labs page will take you to the appropriate installer. Installing the technology preview overrides the existing resequencing functionality. After it is installed, you can run it using the same command (AERESEQUENCE) or ribbon icon, Panel tab > Edit Footprints panel > Resequence Item Numbers. You can tell which version you are running by the dialogue and there are only 2 options on it: the starting value and whether to process all or just the ones that are blank.

    To go back to the old way, uninstall the technology preview version using the regular Windows uninstaller.


    Extracted from an original article written by Pat Murnen, Autodesk Point to Point -  AutoCAD Electrical Blog



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