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    By Miles Nicholson

    The following is a general overview of the Cadline Localiser and its functionality. More detail about the product and its functions can be found in the PDF Operation Instructions in the Cadline Community APPS section.

    1. eXtras Ribbon with functions not available in the default “out of the box” AutoCAD Electrical such as the KKS numbering of wires, PromisE conversion, Align Attributes etc.
    2. ARC Library (architectural) enabling you to place and wire up electrical symbols within an architectural room layout  
    3. WD Library (wiring diagram) enabling you to create a symbolic representation of the actual physical device with automatic wire from/to annotation extracted from the schematic connections
      a. Enables you to create cable diagrams automatically
    4. IEC61082 Symbols Library
    5. User Library
    6. Metric PID Library
    7. Additional content to the Metric Hydraulics Library
    8. Additional content to the Metric Pneumatics Library
    9. Metric JIC Library enabling the user to hot swap from IEC to JIC and vice-versa
    10. Metric NFPA Library enabling the user to hot swap from IEC to NFPA and vice-versa
    11. A Pneumatics/Hydraulics/P&ID Ribbon allowing the user the ability to create pneumatics/hydraulics/P&ID drawings without using “electrical” commands
    12. DIN47100 cable core colours definition file. The out of the box is to American standards
    13. Metric DIN rail and trunking. The default is Imperial and requires the user to constantly switch between Imperial and Metric
    14. Working Example Template Projects to enable the user to quickly start using AutoCAD Electrical in accordance with the latest IEC/ISO standards. The ones provided by Autodesk out of the box are not in accordance with IEC / ISO standards and therefore should not be used by end users as a starting point
    15. Extra catalogue content to the tune of an extra 150,000 European manufacturers parts
    16. Extra PLC database content
    17. Extra footprint database content from various manufacturers
    18. Extra Panel 2D / 3D footprints with the availability of over 100+ million extra content
    19. Electrical standards in accordance with IEC / ISO / EN / BS standards rather than American standards
    20. Internal access through AutoCAD Electrical to the Cadline Community Apps, Support and Tips and Tricks sections
    21. Wire Fill Calculator



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