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    By Miles Nicholson

    Did you know that you can modify the component tags or other data in Excel and then update your drawings after?


    Why is this useful?


    • Customers may have cad operators and designers; the cad operator can sketch the design and then the designer can detail the schematics via Excel
    • The client may determine the tags of the equipment
    • The panel may be manufactured by an external source; the manufacturer part information defined by the panel builder in Excel and then updated back to the schemes


    How do you do it?


    1.       Select the Import/Export Data ribbon tab >  


    Choose what you would like to export (edit)


    Select ¤ Project and ¤ Excel file format




    Specify the location to save the excel spreadsheet


    2. Modify the spreadsheet using Excel

    • If changing the component TAG, both the parent and child devices need to be changed


    3.       Select the Import/Export Data ribbon tab >  


    Browse to the spreadsheet and select  


    Select the options that you prefer: