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    By Miles Nicholson


    It’s easy to inadvertently turn off SNAP so it can be easy to have connections that don’t join up with one another. If you believe that either you have inadvertently created connections that don’t properly connect with one another or that the drawing has been modified by someone else, you can trace the connections through an equipotential.

    From the Schematic ribbon tab > Edit Wires / Wire Numbers panel > Stretch Wires  > select 

    Select one of the wire segments of the equipotential you wish to analyse

    This will highlight a single segment (entity)

    You can either:

    • Tab through each segment of the wire equipotential by the right click to highlight each segment in turn
    • Type “A” at the command line for all segments to be displayed

    Thus it’s easy to see whether the connections are correct!


    In addition the Reports ribbon tab > Schematic panel > will advise on unconnected wire (Wires – no connection).