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    By Miles Nicholson

    The command links selected components with a dashed line. When two or more components are linked, the TAG, description, and cross-referencing attributes of the 2nd+ components you select for linking become invisible. You can turn the visibility of the selected attributes back on using the command Edit/Hide Attributes. In order for the linking of components to work, the symbol blocks must contain X*LINK attributes where * is a binary character (1,2,4,8) dependent upon quadrant.

    To link more than one component together:

    1.      Select Schematic tab > Insert Components panel > Dashed Link Line  > Link Components with Dashed Line  


    2.      Select the symbols in the order you want the dashed link line drawn


    AutoCAD Electrical draws a dashed link line from the first symbol to the last. The line is a polyline drawn on the layer name defined on the Define Layers dialogue box.

    You can also:


    a)      Use the AutoCAD Layer command to assign a different line type to the layer

    b)      Use the Scoot command to reposition any dog-leg in the dashed link line

    c)      To remove a dashed link line, run the command again, selecting in the same order as before. The dashed line toggles off and the hidden attribute annotation reappears


    Link lines can also be drawn across pages:


    1.      Dashed link line from a component to a Destination arrow symbol

    • Select Schematic tab > Insert Components panel > Dashed Link Line > Insert Reference Arrow – To  


    2.      Dashed link line from a component from a Source arrow symbol

    • Select Schematic tab > Insert Components panel > Dashed Link Line  > Insert Reference Arrow – From