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    By Miles Nicholson

    When working with a client’s border or when creating a new border from scratch, AutoCAD Electrical has commands to help you create the X zones or X-Y grid referencing. The X zones, Y zones or the X-Y zones are used for cross referencing purposes. An analogy of this is the road atlas and its grid system to locate where a town is situated.



    This command is used to set up an X-Y grid.

    This command is used to set up X zones

    This command is used to set up X or Y zones dependent upon the Drawing Properties > Drawing Format > Ladder Default orientation

    The command also give you the ability to draw rungs, bus wires.

    As an example of one of the above commands select:

    The above will create 8 equal columns of 50mm with an origin point of 10,287 and labelled from 1.