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    I have a window above the cut plane that I need to display but I can’t change the cut plane without affecting everything else?


    Create a plan region. A plan region allows you to draw a boundary and adjust the view range settings for that area independent of the rest of the view. The Plan Region tool (found in the Create panel on the View ribbon) lets you sketch a closed region that has its own View Range controls separate from those of the rest of the plan view.

    1. Open a plan view.

    2. In the Create panel on the View ribbon, expand the Plan Views split button and click Plan Region.

    3. Sketch a closed loop using lines, rectangles, or polygons.

    4. In the Properties palette, click Edit.

    5. In the View Range dialog box, specify the primary range and view depth for the plan region. Then click OK.

    6. In the ribbon, click Finish Edit Mode.