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    Can we have the parts list sorted with the purchased parts all at the top??


    Why yes you can, I found a nice way of doing this.

    Normally you can edit the parts list on the drawing and sort it by most of the iProperties related to all the parts. If the sort criteria you want isn't in the list then you just need to add the column into the parts list.

    The only one that you can’t add as a column in the parts list is the BOM structure. So if you want to sort by purchased and not purchased then you can’t use the above sort method.

    But there is a way to sort your parts list by purchased. You first need to sort your BOM.

    In the assembly open the BOM. Go to the Parts Only tab (if that’s the one your using for your parts lists).

    Click on the sort button.

    If you set it as Descending the purchased items will be at the top of the list.

    You can then set a second sort criteria, maybe by name or quantity or any property you want (you may have to add the column of the property you want to sort).

    Then renumber the items.

    Now when you place your parts list it will have all the purchased parts at the top.

    If you already have a parts list on the drawing then just simply resort it using the Item number.



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