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    How do you tag doors and windows in AutoCAD? 


    The information that appears in a door or window tag, as well as the appearance of the tag itself, is determined by the Revit annotation family object used to tag the door or window. By default, door tags appear as an oval with the Mark (door number) cantered in the tag, while window tags appear as a hexagon with the window Type cantered in the tag. In order to tag doors so that the Type appears in the tag rather than the Mark, or to tag windows so that the Mark appears in the tag rather than the type, you need to load a different annotation family component and use it instead. It just so happens that Revit Architecture comes with an alternate window tag that does just this. For doors, you’ll need to create a new tag that uses the Type rather than the Mark. But this is quite easy to accomplish. 

    1. Open the existing door tag by in the Revit library.

    2. When the tag opens in Revit’s family editor, select the label.

    3. In the Label panel of the Modify Label contextual ribbon, click Edit Label.

    4. In the Edit Label dialog, select the Type Mark category parameter and add it to the label parameters and remove the Mark parameter from the label parameters. Then click OK.

    5. Save the new annotation tag as a new Revit family component, giving it an appropriate name (such as Door Tag by Type Mark.rfa) and click Save.

    6. To use your new tag, load it into your project.