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Can iLogic be used to enforce PDM/ERP system requirements?


Yes often it can. For instance - iLogic can be used to automatically convert lower case text to capitals for any property fields, and also to enforce the length of a prompted entry.  

To get this to work in your Inventor file, copy and paste the following code into a rule in an Inventor file:


'Check to see if the description is longer than 30 Characters
DescLENGTH = (Len(iProperties.Value("Project", "Description")))
'Message box to tell you if the length is longer than 30 Characters and how many characters it is!
If DescLENGTH > 30
i = MessageBox.Show(("Description should not exceed 30 Characters, current Description is " & (Len(iProperties.Value("Project", "Description"))) & " Characters"), "", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Hand, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)
End If