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Slow cursor performance in AutoCAD with Windows 7 OS when hardware acceleration has been disabled.


When running AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD or an AutoCAD-based vertical product in Windows 7 there are cursor performance issues or the cursor is jumping as if the SNAP function was enabled.

This tends to happen in Windows 7 (although have had reports of this happening inVista) and can affect AutoCAD LT and all AutoCAD-based products where hardware acceleration disabled.

The recommendation is that you enable hardware acceleration wherever possible and also ensure you have the most up to date certified drivers installed as well.

This is done in AutoCAD 2010 and newer and AutoCAD LT 2012 and newer by the following steps:

Run the 3DCONFIG command

Click the Manual Tune button for AutoCAD (Skip this step for AutoCAD LT)

Check the Enable hardware acceleration button

Click OK to exit both dialogs





For older AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD versions then some of these dialogue boxes don't apply. It is also possible that the Hardware Acceleration needs to stay off however users can still take the following steps to remedy their situation

The first step is to disable Aero effects on Windows 7. To do this:

Right click on your Desktop

Click Personalize

Select Windows 7 Basic under "Basic and High Contrast Themes”



Next you should also turn off all the Visual Effects from the Performance Options dialog in Windows.

Open Control Panel

Look for adjust performance

Click "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows"

Click "Adjust for best performance"


If all of these option changes yield no result then I would recommend in AutoCAD, the turning off, of all Dynamic Input features, including dynamic prompts, by setting the DYNMODE system variable to 0. (Also controlled by the button highlighted in the image below as Number 1)



Also suppress, the display of Hatch Transparencies, (2) The Quick Properties function (3) and Object Selection Preview. The Automatic object selection cycling functions (4) by unticking options highlighted as required and desired.



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