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    by Graham Riddleston

    Creation of Corridor Solids in Civil 3D now has its own menu entry in the 2015 version. In previous versions Corridor Solids were only available as an add-in from the Toolspace > Toolbox.

    What are Corridor Solids?

    Corridor Solids are used to represent Civil 3D subassembly shapes as extruded solids to create objects such as: Pavement Layers, Tunnels, and Retaining Walls etc. The extruded solids can then be exported to analysis products, such as Navisworks, for Visual Analysis, Design Verification and Construction Sequencing 

    How do I do it?

    To extract 3D Solids, select a corridor in Civil 3D then on the corridor contextual menu select ‘Extract Corridor Solids’

    All subsequent panels operate the same as before.

    To read more, download the whitepaper....