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    by Gareth Spencer

    I have been asked this question a lot “I want to place a recess in a slab, but how do I do it?”

    The first time I tried to do this I thought it would be simple, so I selected the slab and Edit Sketch from the Ribbon draw a shape in plan view. 

    Then I switched to a section/elevation view and all I will see is a thin line, it wouldn’t allow me to draw a depth.

    I then tried the shaft opening tool; I draw the shape I wanted and this time in the properties window I changed the base offset and height so it would only cut into the slab by 50mm but it still cut through the whole slab.

    I guess a few of you out there many have tried the same things, but don’t worry there is no need to bang your head trying to think of ways to do it.

    Just take a look at the white paper I have written on how to create a void family to place in your slab.

    Please see the white paper below



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