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    By Luke Davenport

    We had another FREE online training webinars this morning – on a subject that has caused no small amount of confusion in the Inventor community. Materials and Colours have changed completely in Inventor 2013, and the session this morning aimed to clear up some of the questions associated with this, and also show a few tips and tricks. Thank you very much to everyone who attended, and if colours and materials in Inventor are important to your business needs then PLEASE check out this PDF, as there are certainly a few things you will need to be aware of when moving to Inventor 2013. As always any feedback, questions or suggestions are extremely welcome. Thanks!

    1. Overview of Changes Made with Materials and Appearances
    2. Workflows for Adding Materials and Appearances to your Models
    3. Do I Need a Specific Procedure for Migrating Materials and Colours from a Previous Release?



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