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    This paper describes the general tools and procedures for implementing annotation scaling functionality in AutoCAD® 2008 software.

    Annotations are a crucial part of almost any drawing, and creating them can consume a considerable amount of your workday. In earlier versions of AutoCAD® software, creating annotations in model space required manual calculations and you often had to recreate and copy annotations to multiple layers in order to display them appropriately at different scales. Maintaining multiple copies of the same data was difficult and prone to error.

    New and improved functionality in AutoCAD® 2008 software enables you to annotate your drawings with greater flexibility and efficiency than previous versions. You can apply new annotation scaling functionality to any of the following object types:

    •  Text (Text, MTEXT)
    • Dimensions (Dimensions, Leaders, Tolerances)
    • Multiple Leaders (New in AutoCAD 2008)
    • Hatches
    • Blocks
    • Attributes



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