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    by David Gate

    BIM (Building Information Modelling) has really taken off in the AEC space.

    So much so that a lot of manufacturing companies are being asked to supply BIM ready models so that architects can use them in their building models.

    Inventor has been able to export out an ADSK file which can then be imported into AutoCAD Architecture or Revit. This was a dumb solid (similar to a sat file) but with added BIM information.

    Inventor 2014 has some new features allowing you to export out a Revit Family (think standard library part) which opens natively in Revit with materials, BIM information and allows the Revit user to make changes to the family if needed.

    Please take a look at my latest video which guides you through the simplification process using the new simplify tools and then exporting out the new model to Revit.



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