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    Showing Model or Assembly sketches in an Inventor Drawing View



    To show a part sketch in a drawing, right click on the part in the drawing tree (this can be found by right clicking on the drawing view and selecting ‘find in browser’) and select ‘Get Model Sketches’. The sketch will then show up. If the sketch was invisible in the drawing when last saved, you will need to navigate to it in the drawing tree (expand the part that contains the sketch), right click on the sketch and select ‘include’

    To show an assembly sketch in a drawing the procedure is the same, except right click on the assembly file instead in the drawing tree and click ‘Get Model Sketches’.

    Note that you can’t include a sketch in a drawing view that is not viewing the sketch straight on. To get around this (to view the sketch in an isometric view for instance) you can create a 3D sketch in your part or assembly, and ‘Include geometry’ of the sketch. You will then be able to switch this on in the drawing view as before.



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