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    My mouse response in AutoCAD 2012 seems to be much slower than in 2011 on the same machine. Is there anything I can do to speed it up?



    We have found that turning off the DYN setting (Dynamic Inout) speeds up the mouse response when drawing. If you like to use DYN then go into the setting and turn off those elements of it that you don’t use. EG You may not use Pointer Input, so turn it off with the check box; or in the Settings of Dimension Input only have 1 input field updating at once.

    There are also a few options you might like to turn of if you really don’t use them. Use the OPTIONS command and look at the DISPLAY tab – There are a few options for Tooltips which can be turned off. Then look at the DRAFTING tab and there are some more ToolTip setting you can turn off. Also not using a ‘Full Screen Tracking vector’ can help as well



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