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My name is Kim Hyde and I am employed as an Application Engineer here at Cadline. I am one of a team of engineers based at our Gatwick Offic.

My early work experience was with P.T.Barclay and Partners whom specialised photo-tools for the Printed Circuit Board Industry. During my early employment I witnessed the evolution of Computer Aided Design, a natural transition from the drawing board. My first introduction into CAD was in 1979 operating A0-sized digitisers! The evolution of the CAD computers and software is comparable with Darwin's 'Tree of Life' where many computer 'species' evolved then became extinct, particularly during the early 1980's the development was nothing less that 'meteoric'! I remember using Digital 'main-frame' computers costing in excess of £100,000 a piece, massive in comparison to those of today, operating with just 128k of memory. This period saw the rise of Microsoft headed by a young Bill Gates making his 'Disk Operating System' a de facto standard for the Personal Computer, both of which revolutionized global business operations.

During this period I also remember my introduction to AutoCAD v2.5 and its ability create and easily modify technical drawings with clinical precision.

How times have changed! ... today all I need to show and support 'our wares' is at my finger tips on my laptop. 3D designs, digital prototyping, data management, fantastic realistic graphics, and instant global connectivity via the Internet ... all of which would have been unthinkable just thirty years ago.

So what do the facts tell us here? ... well for one you certainly get more for less when you compare costs; perhaps technology is the only modern reference where this applies. However it is definitely worth considering the comparison of computer technology, CAD and the design workplace in general with that of Darwin's thesis ... adapt and modify or face extinction!