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    By Liam O'Connor

    Using the Autodesk Steering Wheel

    Steering Wheels can save time by combining many of the common navigation tools into a single interface. Steering Wheels are task-specific, allowing you to navigate and orient a model in different views.

    It takes little time to get to use to using them at first but I find them very useful especially when working in either a perspective or a walkthrough view. At the “path points” of your walkthrough using the steering wheel you can adjust the how, where and the height of the camera at that point and when another path point view is changed Revit blends them together giving a smoother walkthrough.

    My favourite steering wheel function is the Rewind button. Being able to quickly switch back to any of your previous views is a real time saver.


    And as the steering wheel is used in most of the Autodesk software mastering it once means you’re able to use it in all the other software’s in the suite.