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    by Chris Smith

    A new addition to Inventor 2024 is the option to use Vault snippets in iLogic. These can be very useful when using iLogic and Vault side by side.

    In previous releases, we would need to manually check out files to make edits using iLogic rules to avoid errors when running the rules, check the Vault for existing files to avoid check in errors, as well as other manual tasks to ensure proper functionality. With the addition of Vault snippets, we can now automate some of the processes to help reduce design times and time to market.


    In the below example I have created some simple code to create a part number and description based on 3 parameter inputs, ID, OD and Thickness.

    Inventor iLogic 1.png

    Inventor iLogic 2.png

    Running the rule above, give the iProperty values shown below.

    Inventor iLogic 3.png

    This can be both a great time saver as well as ensuring the metadata we need in the file has been created, which in turn can be used in downstream processes, like bill of materials etc.

    This automation could be performed in the background as part of a configurator assembly, or in the part file.

    Next, I will declare some variables to make the Vault check a little simpler.

    Inventor iLogic 4.png

    And then add in the “Check Vault File Exists by Search” snippet.

    Inventor iLogic 5.png

    Once the code has been entered into our rule, we can edit the snippet to suit our file. The below image shows the completed snippet.

    Inventor iLogic 6.png

    This original snippet will save text information to the iLogic Log. Instead, I have changed that line to display a message to the user:

    Inventor iLogic 7.png

    Clicking Ok will then save the new file, close the original active file (so we do not overwrite our master) and then open the newly created file.

    If the file already exists in Vault, the user will get a different message notifying them that the file already exists and that they should re-use the existing file.

    Inventor iLogic 8.png

    If you would like to know more about Inventor iLogic or Autodesk Vault, please contact the team here at Cadline.